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This brochure describes the benefits of APWU Health Plan under our contract ( CS 1370) with the United States Office of. Personnel Management, as authorized .

Member Benefits - APWU Health Plan
Member Benefits. Click here to view the 2012 Federal Brochure. Click here to view the 2011 Federal Brochure. Click here to view the 2010 Federal Brochure .

APWU Health Plan's Blueprint to Medicare
Understanding your health insurance coverage. APWU Health Plan's . Please refer to the APWU Health Plan's Federal Brochure for more information about .

APWU Health Plan
Sections 3 and 7 of your Plan brochure(Section 3, Section 7) explain how to file a . Section 8 of your Plan brochure explains your rights to ask us to reconsider .

APWU Health Plan Nationwide Brochure - OPM
APWU, to be eligible to enroll in the Health Plan. . OPM has determined that the APWU Health Plan prescription drug coverage is, on average, expected to pay .

APWU Health Plan 2002
APWU Health Plan http://www.apwuhp.com. 2002. A fee-for-service plan with preferred provider organizations. Sponsored and administered by: American .

APWU Health Plan - OPM
Plan Name: APWU Health Plan. Service Area: Nationwide. Brochure: PDF Version. Brochure: Text Version. NCQA Accreditation: n/a. JCAHO Accreditation: n/a .

APWU Health Plan - St. Paul, MN Area Local APWU
For an in-depth explanation of what APWU Health Plan offers please refer to the Plan's Brochure (RI 71- 004). APWU Health Plan is dedicated to helping you .

APWU Health Plan: Our Purpose ... Your Health - 2010 Open ...
Oct 30, 2009 . APWU Health Plan is proud to announce our new benefits and . limitations and exclusions set forth in the Plan's Brochure (RI 71-004).

UnitedHealthcare Pre-Member | apwu
Welcome to the APWU Health Plan Consumer Driven Option (administered by UnitedHealthcare) . A UnitedHealthcare medical plan can give you the freedom to use any doctor or hospital in our . Open Enrollment Brochures and Flyers .

Dead Tree Edition: More on the APWU Health Insurance Deal
Apr 5, 2011 . The current brochure on that health plan says "APWU bargaining unit employees must be, or must become, dues-paying members of the .

2012 FEHB (national) Plan Changes - FederalSoup.com
APWU Health Plan. http://www.opm.gov/insure/health/planinfo/2012/brochures/ 71-004.pdf. Changes to our High Option only. •Your share of the .

Blue Cross and Blue Shield's Federal Employee Plan - 2012 ...
Jan 3, 2012 . 2012 Service Benefit Plan Brochure · 2012 Benefit . But there is more to health insurance than just benefits and premiums. There is also the .

FEHB Guide
Always consult plan brochures before making your final decision. This chart does not . Were you satisfied with the choices your health plan gave you to select a personal doctor? Were you . APWU Health Plan-High (APWU). 47. 86.8. 88.4 .

APWU Health Plan (@APWUHP) on Twitter
Sign up for Twitter to follow APWU Health Plan (@APWUHP). . 4:23 AM Mar 16th, 2011 via web. Check out our new 2011 Medicare Brochure: .

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Open Fee-for-Service Plans - New West Health Services
Always refer to the individual plan brochures before making your final decision. FEHB Plans . (CDHP) and high deductible health plans (HDHP) currently available in Montana for 2012; however, this list may change as . APWU Health Plan .

Available to ALL Postal Support Employees - APWU Health Plan
This is a summary of benefits and features offered by the APWU Health Plan. All benefits . limitations, and exclusions set forth in the Plan's Brochure (RI 71-004) .

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